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What is Tandem Tot?

Tandem Tot is a simple, sleek front-mounted child carrier for bikes. Typical child transport products for bikes focus mainly on safety features & comfort. While these considerations are extremely important, Tandem Tot also takes “fun” into account when bike riding with kids.

With Tandem Tot, kids are nestled upfront within the adult’s arms enabling them to better experience the biking activity and environment around them. Tandem Tot not only makes the bike ride a fun, interactive, adventure for the kid…but riding becomes more enjoyable since conversation is easy with the child.

Everyone knows the lifelong advantages of introducing kids to the fun of recreating at a young age and a child’s experiences on Tandem Tot will create terrific memories for the passenger and rider alike.

Easy to Install

Tandem Tot clamps easily to all standard bike frames. Adjustments for each child's size can be made by sliding the seat clamp and foot peg bracket back-and-forth or up-and-down. When riding solo, fold foot pegs up out of the way. There's no bulky equipment to remove after a Tandem Tot riding adventure!

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Cool Features

The sleek, subtle design appeals to everyone since it draws so little attention to itself when not in use with a child.

Riders appreciate not needing to worry about what’s going on behind them since the child sits between them and the handlebars - kids see what they see - communication is easy.

Riders like having the child closer — not detached and trailing behind. Kids feel more comfortable too being nestled between the adult’s arms.

Tandem Tot makes the bike ride interactive which is ideal for a young, energetic child to experience “hands on” what it takes to ride a bicycle.

Kids feel the excitement and exhilaration of traveling on two wheels with Tandem Tot.

Tandem Tot improves the balance of a bicycle while carrying a passenger by moving the load forward, closer to center of gravity.

Looking behind to check on the child while riding a bicycle is a distraction and safety concern - Tandem Tot eliminates the need to do this.

Riding terrain is not as limiting with Tandem Tot, the unencumbered design makes it easy for the rider & child to explore a wide range of terrain since there are no bulky trailers to drag along or confining seats that restrict the child’s movement.

Tandem Tot is lightweight and compact and it doesn’t take up any more space than the bicycle itself.

Tandem Tot is lightweight and compact and it doesn’t take up any more space than the bicycle itself.

Tandem Tot is affordable.


"We began using the "Tandem Tot" with our second child, Zack when he was just two years old, and we loved it! With Zack up front, bike riding became an opportunity to chat about everything we observed along the way. We sang, talked about road rules, or just enjoyed the ride together." - Allison G. & Zach

“I love the Tandem Tot! It's great having my child right in front of me without any contraptions in the way. I've never felt safer or more in control. I don't have to worry about her trailing behind me, anymore. I'm able to go anywhere this way, too. My child loves hanging onto the handlebars it gives her the feeling she's part of making the bike work. I've been using the Tandem Tot for three years. It's the greatest, safe, and compact bike system ever made!”
- Kristen M. & Piper